Meirav Barzilay

Meirav Barzilay established her studio in 2009 in Tel Aviv, Israel. Focusing on products for the home and living, she creates clear and intriguing concept driven designs.

Meirav often plays with the balance of concept-materials- technique.

Through constantly examining materials and objects around her, she creates products from a fresh new perspective, often highlighting different aspects of her products in a unique way and giving them a fresh “twist”.

Her goal is to create products that not only answer your needs but also fuel your imagination,combining industry and craft in order to create  contemporary objects for daily life.

Meirav works with the best local craftsmen, making sure to implement fair wages policies. She produces a limited amount of each product, ensuring that each product made is of the highest quality. In addition, Meirav insists on taking a hands-on approach throughout her process, thus giving her products a personal signature.

Her works have been presented in museums, galleries and exhibitions and covered in numerous media publications worldwide.

You can find her products in stores throughout the world and online

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| +972-544-605605935

Tollmans' | Herzeliya, Hamanofim 3 street | 09-8899040

Asufa | Yehuda Margoza 8, Jaffa, Flea Market