A2Z design provides a full turnkey solution to its customers, from concept to full mass production.

Our team has years of experience in all the stages of product development, and partners in various fields that can support all the stages, from design research up to mass production. A2Z has proven experience in projects with various production volumes, starting from small quantities and up to millions of units a year.


In A2Z we see the industrial design as a practice that can contribute to all phases of the product development, from the initial definitions and up to the last minor changes forced by the detailed design. That's why we believe that every industrial designer should have good engineering skills, and every engineer should understand industrial design. This overlap of knowledge is important for the flow of the design process and results in better products that are more faithful to the customer needs and meet the project targets.


A2Z has vast mechanical design experience in different fields that are relevant for high tech products, and can deliver products of high complexity requiring multiple production technologies.

Our engineering team is flexible enough to lead the complete design by itself or to be a part of an existing team and provide specific roles in the project.


A2Z has the ability to manage production of complex products, including parts injection, electronic assembly, mechanical assembly, packaging and delivery. We have experience with yearly mass production of up to several million unit.

A2Z can work with the customer's manufacturers or utilize its own manufacturers and assembly factories.

The A2Z team has special experience in production jigs, and we are able to design and manufacture all complementary machinery for the production and final test stages.


A2Z also provides complementary services to the product development process. By working closely with our partners we provide services such as graphic design and branding for products and company identity as well as patent research and registration.