Keren-Shemesh is a unique philanthropic organization whose aim is to assist young entrepreneurs in establishing their first business, creating jobs for themselves and others. These young entrepreneurs, who carry with them passion, drive, and enormous potential, are essential parts of the Israeli economy. At Keren-Shemesh, we provide the relationships, guidance, and tools to turn this drive into a successful business. Since our founding in November 2005, Keren Shemesh has provided .support to over 2,000 new businesses.

Our established and tight-knit community is based on a wide range of Mentors: a network of over 400 people whose extensive and varied business experience provides invaluable guidance to young entrepreneurs beginning their way. Mentors volunteer their time and energy to support these young professionals with concrete business advice, an attentive ear, and guidance in the wide range of needs involved  in launching a business.

The Keren-Shemesh community also extends beyond the mentoring program, and offers a variety of additional resources for entrepreneurs and alums. The program provides options for other forms of support, including subsidized business consulting from outside organizations, workshops, courses, conferences, and more.

All of these help us create a learning environment where each entrepreneur can develop their own business perspective, building on the different views and opinions . they have encountered when working with us, because Keren-Shemesh is where it all comes together!

Partners & Supporters

Keren-Shemesh receives most of its funding from one of the organization’s founders, the Edmond J. Safra Foundation, and is the only organization in Israel to work with the support and network of YBI. A worlwide network of independent nonprofit organizations, YBI similarly works to carry young people around the world through the launch of new businesses and the creation of jobs.

We also benefit from partnerships with some of the most central organizations in the assistance of businesses and entrepreneurs in Israel, including  local and foreign institutions, the Israel Free Loan Association, the Jewish Agency and regional organizations throughout the country


The Edmond J. Safra Foundation

Youth Business International