Ment-Or: Mentoring Non-Profits and Social Businesses to Withstand the Coronavirus Crisis

Many social organizations face new and unprecedented economic and operational challenges as a result of the COVID-19 crisis. There is an intense need to help organizations survive the crisis period and adapt to the “new normal”.

To help organizations ride out the current situation, Keren-Shemesh and its partners have created a broad support system for non-profits and social businesses that incorporates:

  • A personal mentor with extensive experience to help non-profit leaders create an action plan to manage the current crisis and rebuild in its wake
  • A set of professional and expert advisors in various fields, including strategic, financial, legal, resource development and public relations
  • A variety of professional training and peer learning sessions
  • A host of pro-bono services that includes website building assistance and access to work and meeting spaces
  • Referral, if necessary, to not-for-profit, guarantor-free, 3% fixed-interest loans, made possible by the Ogen Group and the Jewish Agency

Each organization will receive a customized assistance plan that focuses on the organization’s needs and work plan, subject to advisors’ availability and skills.

For information on the loans – click here

Ment-Or’s full bank of advisory and pro-bono services will open soon.

Ment-Or was initiated by Keren-Shemesh, part of the Ogen Group, the Jewish Agency, IVN – Israel Venture Network and the National Insurance Institute of Israel Funds, in cooperation with Social Space TLV. The venture has been supported by many leading organizations, including: PwC Israel – Kesselman and Kesselman, McKinsey Israel, YPO Israel, Matan – Investing in the Community (United Way Israel), 8200 Alumni Association and many others.

The mentoring program will include:

  • Financial Mapping of the Organization: cash flow statements, sources of income, credit, liabilities, suppliers, payroll, loan repayment ability
  • Business Development: examination of core services and their adaptation in light of financial capabilities
  • Mapping the Strategic Core Activities of the Organization
  • Mapping Opportunities in Light of the Situation: overview of current and potential services as well as changes and adaptations necessary for new scenarios
  • Critical Infrastructure:mapping of human capital and non-physical assets
  • Human Resources:employees, external consultants and volunteers
  • CEO’s Personal Resilience:ability to manage crises in the organization
  • Conducting Government Agreements: maximizing collaboration and potential budgets
  • Mapping Current Funders: building a roadmap to working with them effectively in the current climate
  • Loan Applications: evaluating the need for credit and help with the loan application process
  • Work Plan: Plan for the next year and a half / two years
  • Creative solutions for generating new independent income sources  
  • Legal Review:examining how organization’s structures and operations fit with bylaws, statutory, labor, financial and regulatory requirements


Eligibility criteria:

  1. The organization has been active for at least two years
  2. Annual revenue exceeds ILS 500,000 and does not exceed ILS 25 million
  3. The organization has anIshur Nihul Takin (“certificate of good standing”) in effect for 2020
  4. The organization is not engaged in political activity
  5. The organization is not: a hospital, a nursing home, synagogue or HMO