Our entrepreneurs come to us to realize their dreams. we help them translate these dreams to business terms, and to acquire business perspective and tools which will serve them for the rest of their professional lives, in the different business ventures  they will embark on.

In order to do that we introduce the entrepreneurs to professionals with a wealth of business experience,  who will serve as their personal mentors for up to two years.

Keren-Shemesh operates a mentor body numbering over 400 experienced managers, all of whom volunteer their time and thirenergy to support new entrepreneurs.

In addition, the entrepreneurs encounter many other opinions and business perspectives, as they interact with other entrepreneurs, with consultants and with other support organizations. They are guided in their encounters with different market actors, such as potential clients, banks and financing organizations, and partnering opportunities.

These experiences help the entrepreneurs form their individual business perspectives, which will help carry them forward in the future.

Qualification Criteria

Our entrepreneur are:

  • In process of building the basis for their business (just before opening or during the first year of operations)
  • After having tested their business idea and  its feasibility
  • Intent on making their living off of their business

Supplementary criteria include:

  • The sustainability of the business model
  • The entrepreneurial spirit
  • Potential impact of Keren-Shemesh assistance
  • The potential social contribution of the business
  • Socio-demographic criteria