Keren-Shemesh, part of the Ogen Group, is a non-profit organization that supports and mentors entrepreneurs from Israel’s socio-economic periphery, helping guide the next generation of small business growth, entrepreneurship and job creation in Israel.

What do we do?

We assist small business owners from all parts of Israeli society to start and grow their own independent, profitable businesses. Running a business is a complex process accompanied by endless bureaucratic, management, strategic, administrative, marketing and personal challenges. These challenges are a significant burden for new entrepreneurs with no business experience, even for the most talented and determined.

There is no need to travel this road alone, especially when you can get help from those who have done it already, including Keren-Shemesh’s nationwide network of volunteer mentors – experienced, accomplished senior managers from Israel’s business community who give of their time to help.

The financial crisis

With the global economy suffering from an unprecedented shock as a result of COVID-19, significant strain is being placed on the commercial activities of small businesses.

Keren-Shemesh, which was established in 2005 specifically in order to contend with high unemployment rates at the time, is Israel’s premier solution to help at-risk small businesses withstand, rebuild and even thrive in the face of the financial fallout from COVID-19.