A2z-design product design and development

Product design and development from A to Z.

A2z-design supplies a full turnkey solution for product development, from the stage of product definition and concept, thru the product design also called industrial design, model making design verification and design for manufacturing, up to full scale mass production including assembly and packaging.

A customer can choose to use one of our services or go full turnkey and order a final product in any number of copies.

Our experience in product development includes medical devices and medical products in various fields, robotic systems, jigs and production accessories, drone design and drone systems, land systems, aviation and naval standard systems, including experience in different specs and regulatory standards for different environments like: explosive environment, fuel and oil resistant plastics, different chemical resistant materials, IP68 IP67 IP65 IP54, military spec (mil spec), medical grade materials and manufacturers with clean room manufacturing and assembly for the medical.

We also design payment systems communication systems variety of electronical systems and products with embedded electrical features to all environments.

We are experts in plastic design and design to cost having approved manufacturers in Israel and China executing full service for model making low volume production and mass production in plastic injection with high pressure high accuracy molds, we also do metal design and engineering and have a large experience in designing cost effective smart products and systems for different industries.

A2z-design is focused on a revolutionary combination of industrial design and engineering combining the design and engineering in a unique methodology to get our products mature faster and extract more originality ingenuity and creativity hence giving our customer a superior product.

Our start up spirit together with corporate methods combination gives us the ability to supply ground breaking sophisticated and most effective design solutions to our customers.



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