Easy Etsy SEO

Living Waters Makers helps Etsy sellers grow their shops and create a sustainable income by teaching them the basics of running a profitable business and how to market themselves using social

media, pinterest and public relations.

We also teach Etsy SEO classes.

Living Waters

started out with the belief that in order to see the change in the world, we must BE the change, so our online classes are available worldwide and are affordable.

We focus most of our time creating and distributing free lessons on our blog.

We’re also home to the most supportive group of Etsy sellers on Facebook.

You can find us at www.facebook.com/groups/livingwatersmakers.

We firmly believe that in order to succeed with selling on Etsy and make money from your Etsy shop one must educate themselves.

Etsy is a dynamic marketplace and it’s crucial you educate yourself on the latest marketing techniques and seo information.


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Easy Etsy SEO