iconica / איקוניקה

iconica is an off the grid visual communication studio, offering expertise in various disciplines including branding and corporate design, strategic brand escort, identity design, packaging, art-direction, editorial and online performances. Our expertise is in conceptual creations, high-end branding, print methods and brand management.

We bring dreams and ideas to life.

A brand is the feeling we get when we meet and interact with an idea or a product. A good brand is something we want to be a part of, to belong to. It is a story, a promise or a wish. A brand’s story should make a product incredibly desirable and priceless, and motivates people for action. We deliver innovative cross platform solutions of communication design. We tell stories using shapes, colors and objects. Paris is our love. Music makes us fly. Whiskey helps. Way too much coffee. Terrible fetish for gradients. Big passion for pretty things.

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iconica / איקוניקה